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Join Abigail Winthrop and her family as they discover a surprising little creature in their backyard and gain an unlikely house guest for the holiday season. This adorable critter takes them on an unexpected journey, while warming his way into their hearts and teaching them a few valuable lessons along the way.

Come join Abigail and her friends in this delightful storybook to find out how she copes with the twists and turns of her busy day!

It’s the first day of second grade and Abigail wakes up dreading it! She has a list of worries and has developed a severe case of the “butterflies.” The butterflies circle about as she ventures to school to meet her classmates and teacher for the first time. But with some helpful advice from her mom and a few familiar faces from last year, Abigail’s day turns out to be fun and exciting.

Interactive storybook app.

  • Whimsical soundtrack
  • Narrated by the author, Melissa La Manna
  • Word highlighting for beginning readers
  • Fun, developmental activities to boost language skills (i.e., “match” and “opposites” game)

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